tent, camper or motorhome.

Ok, so we’ve just been camping and the thing circling my head is What is the optimum option £ vs experience? 

Now a tent is great, but you have to put the thing up, you have no privacy and you can hear everything from dutch christians singing bad hymns to the 80’s rock ballads from an adjacent hippy van. The experience is invaded and exposed, but you are outside and you are in a different place.
Campervans, I get the feeling these are wanted by people that don’t really like being outside. I have a sister who wants a campervan and it is just a desire not to be where she currently is. You can of course drive the things about but they would really make a shit car and if you get an old one you would spend most of the time praying that you would make it too and from or up any slight hill. They are cramped, so you end up in an awning and expensive. Not one of these then.
Motorhome, you are not an American and fuel is expensive, not to mention the £30,000 to actually buy one- why would you do this? you could travel the world for a year for £30,000 not sit watching the behemoth depreciate on the drive.
Caravan – same as above really except it fucks your car up.
Basically then if you actually like being outside and can put up with ‘other people’ a tent it is.
I suppose the aim is to experience something different, trying to make it like home isn’t it.

so there.


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